Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Digital Signage

UConn Hartford's digital signage system is a centrally-managed platform that provides a valuable way to visually communicate with faculty, staff, and students across campus. Posting content to the system is open to any UConn departments, clubs, and organizations. University-related content is the only form of accepted material. Digital signage shall not be used for personal messages, vendor advertisement, or political messages.


In order to maintain consistency and a professional appearance, the following guidelines should be reviewed and understood before content is submitted for approval. These guidelines ensure that your message will reach your audience as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Content Submission

Please use the form below to submit your content request for display on UConn Hartford's digital signage system.

Please read and understand the guidelines above before creating and submitting any requests. Templates can be downloaded to get you started. All requests will be reviewed for compliance before being posted.