Organization Advisors

First off, thank you for your interest in supporting a student organization at UConn! Whether you are a returning veteran advisor, or one of our newbies, you may be wondering what you need to know as a Student Organization Advisor – and Student Activities is here to help! Every student organization offers an opportunity for not only fun, but also a meaningful educational experience. With over 20 different student organizations on campus, there are many creative opportunities to help students get involved, develop leadership skills, meet new people, and enhance their co-curricular education. Student organizations on campus can range from very simple and direct, to extremely complex. The dynamics of students working with their peers to bring people together, raise awareness, host events, and have fun can be a large challenge to face. The role of the Advisor is to act as a guidepost for the student organization leaders.

  • Advisors Do discuss opportunities; guide the decision-making process; assist in developing group dynamics
  • Advisors Do meet with organization leaders regularly to discuss and develop goals and set expectations
  • Advisors Do support the individual growth and development of students within the organization
  • Advisors Do serve as a source of information and continuity to the organization members that transition each year
  • Advisors Do act as a liaison between the University and the organization
  • Advisors Do challenge students’ thought process, creativity, and desire to go beyond the status quo
  • Advisors Do offer advisement in areas such as organization mission, goals, program/event content, and purpose
  • Advisors Do Not have voting rights in groups; make financial decisions; program approvals; or officer/roster decisions